A New Direction


I’m finally feeling like I’m gaining some momentum. For those that don’t know, I worked for about eight years in the field of animation, doing mostly 3D animation in Maya and Softimage.  

Now, I'd been drawing since I was a kid, but in the early 2000′s I became enamored by filmmaking and 3D animation.  Being idealistic in my early twenties, I thought that I would try making my own films with 3D animated creatures and effects.  I went about learning filmmaking and 3D.  I learned a LOT, but as the years went by, I began to see the difficulty and frustration of doing something on that scale.  I also realized how many people and how much money and time it took to do anything worthy of merit in filmmaking.  And most importantly, I realized that I didn't love doing it nearly as much as I loved to DRAW.


With the closing of the animation studio I was working at in 2009, I decided to switch gears completely, and pursue drawing once again, full force.  It was a pretty pivotal moment in my life.

This brings things to the present.  I still feel like I have a lot of catching up to do from all of the lost time spent doing 3D animation and filmmaking.  But my drawing skills are beginning to feel a lot stronger now than they did in 2009.  With this website, I'm hoping to take things to the next level, and really push myself to grow as both an artist and storyteller.    


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